The Biggest Secrets of Affiliate Marketing are Actually No Secrets At All

At least 90% of people starting affiliate marketing are in for the money. Nothing to be judged about. At least 90% percent of them don’t earn enough to cover the costs of hosting, plugins, etc.

Half of those who didn’t quit yet are asking themselves:

“What I am Doing Wrong? This Should Be Easier”

– average affiliate marketer after 2 months

The whole Internet Marketing environment is not necessarily designed in your favor. From YouTube videos to suspicious online success courses – a lot of so called authorities are exploiting the whole passive income idea.

Going further, hosting companies are lowering barrier to entry even lower. It is easier than ever to install WordPress, good looking theme, plugins. It is cheaper than before. Everyone who read a decent article on benefits of affiliate marketing can have a blog ready for a Hello World! Build it and they will come.

Who Will Come? How Will They Come? Who Are They, Anyway?

90% of affiliate marketers don’t ask these questions. After awhile they get it, it isn’t THAT easy. Nobody is ever visiting their new blog. So they start looking for shortcuts, loopholes, secrets.

But there are none.

Affiliate marketing should be treated as any kind of offline business. What can you offer to the world? Who is your world? How can you find them? How can you add value to their lives? Success is always a byproduct. In any kind of business.

Here is a great article from NicheHacks you should bookmark, or even better – print it out.

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