First Post Blues: All I Hear is Crickets

I have this strange hobby comparing my Internet marketing knowledge with actual numbers.

It all started as a “I’ll make 50k this year” joke. Now my family make jokes of me.

It is getting worse with time.

Every few months I am raising the imaginary bar. I am at $100.000 per year now. It’s an inside game. My little monkey brain keeps telling me that my knowledge is worth at least 100k.

“Come on man that must be worth at least 100k! Per year man!” – That was the monkey, jumping around and playing little drums.

Only it is just a knowledge. No action taken.


I’ll explain later..

I started my first blog with the worst possible combination of traffic and monetization. In a No-Competition-At-All personal development niche.

I made around $4 spending $3000.

That didn’t stop me though. I was so into blogging as a lifestyle business.

I was sold on Kiyosaki’s idea of generating assets.

So, If I can’t build one let’s buy one. In a niche I couldn’t care less. Argan Oils? Whatever just take my money.

It was a good deal though. The guy who sold it actually showed me fake earning reports. Not his fault. He tried his best. To find a fool.

Armed with new experience, learning everything one could possible can about traffic and monetizations, I ended up buying another one.

I did my due diligence this time. This blog has a steady Pinterest traffic and undermonetized potential.

This time in a niche I knew nothing about. I mean tattoos are all cool and stuff, but I couldn’t connect with it. Not enough to do proper keyword research and outreach for backlinks. Anyway, I tried my best without much success.

Tired of all SEO work and guest posting, 15.000 subscribers in the blink of an eye courses, I needed to back up a little. Truth is I didn’t believe in it enough to start optimizing the potential. I was chasing money.

It still makes a solid $150 per month on autopilot, so it’s fine I guess. At least it’s legit.

But that’s not what I wanted. There must be something left for me to learn. Some secret waiting to be uncovered and make blogging profitable and joyful venture. That’s the dream I was sold to.

My cashflow was negative and couldn’t think longterm.

Confused & Stuck

I am no Elon Musk. Or that Edison guy who invented a lightbulb only after million burned ones. I find it not so easy starting all over again after two failed blogs.

I myself don’t believe in those 100k like I used to. Stuck in a confusion from all the courses and missinformation.

It’s been like this for quite some time now.

And here I am, with a few failed blogs of my own, still 30k of debt to go and lethargic about Internet marketing.

But still, I do believe there is a better way of living than 9 to 5 route. I do believe that a blog as a business is a great vehicle for the destination – a mindspace clear of anxious money thoughts.

A blog where I don’t need to push affiliate offers I don’t believe in. A blog where I don’t need to bribe people with a lousy ebook for an email address. Only so I can send them more affiliate links.

A blog where I don’t need to think about keywords and SEO.

A promise-land blog.

There’s a hunger still unsatisfied

After a year of writing down plans, buying one course after another, chasing hacks and shiny objects it’s time for me to take action. Spring is coming after all.

I am starting a new blog in a yet another not so competitive haha niche.

“Come on man, don’t let your comfort zone intimidate you! You got this!”

Monkey sealed and approved!

But this time with a combination of niche, traffic and monetization I do believe in. This time guided with an empathy for an audience.

The day I spend thinking of anything but money will be the day of this blogs success.

Blognestly is about to become a honest journey about blogging.

Nothing new under the sun.

But it will make me accountable for a change.

Trying to crack this ‘online success’ code.

Until then.. crickets.

How to Ruin Your Blog

If you want to hear 3 things I did to accelerate my first’s blog fail, read the post where I share my magic moves. For now, that’s all I can.

Oh, wait! Monkey is hesitant to ask for something.. what? Ok, I’ll try. He’s really asking for comments. He is now explaining the logic behind the ask… wait.

Ok here it is. He says those comments will pump us with endorphin and validate the writing. Well, I agree! Come on man, make our day!

  • Honestly, it sounds like the beginning of an interesting journey! Good luck this time, Blognestly! Looking forward reading the next part!