Chasing Shiny Objects: The Illness with the most Innocent Name

If you happen to need someone to signup for your newsletter, I am your guy. If you promote a SaaS product as an affiliate, be rest assured I will find out and buy it. Not that I need it, but I can’t help it. It makes me feel it’s the missing piece of the puzzle. Do you run some kind of membership? Me! Pick me! An online course? Here – Take my money.

It’s like a crack cocaine

Little did I know that with every new idea, tool or tactic I was actually digging a bigger hole for myself. No analytic tool data could make me in a position to rank and earn while being ignorant about how content works. No viral traffic could help me without understanding that the number of subscribers is nothing more than vanity metrics. Not even number of whitehat backlinks I paid for could help me while believing that more traffic is the answer.

I was operating on a tactics level. I was basically chasing money.

On the flip side – there is a path through this calm and peaceful valley. The deeper understanding of buyers’ behavior and how it’s affecting the bottom line. The strategy guided with empathy towards the audience.

Here’s what the path looks like. Slow but steady. Simple, but not easy:

  1. Define an audience in a niche you’re passionate about
  2. Define a problem worth solving for the audience
  3. Build or find a quality solution for the problem
  4. Choose a business model for delivering the solution (the one that suits your personality)
  5. Have a solid system in place that takes them by hand, understanding that they may not be aware of their problem or the better solution in case they are. And make the process work on autopilot.
  6. Connect the dots with the most appropriate traffic source.

That’s it.

Slow and Simple, also known as Boring

When you are not aware of an ACT protocol (I thought it would sound better, but anyway – it stands for Audience – Conversion – Traffic) you become easy prey for fake authorities and their courses.

“Let’s Make a Video Course While My Son Is Screaming at the Mic”.

No sales page will ever advertise the course like this, but that’s how my last purchase looked like.

You don’t believe in refunds and by the time you understand the course was someone’s idea to earn some money, it’s too late to ask for the first refund ever. Out of fourteen days of moneyback period, it took you eleven to grasp your head around the fact that there are people selling courses without much shame.

Researching the niche and audience is kind of boring when you’re in debt. You want money, so you’re looking for shortcuts. Loopholes. By the time it would take me to learn about my audience problems and what the customer journey is, it seems that I can buy my way out of debt.

It doesn’t help when you don’t care about the audience either.

Buy the software from the sales page that has the most amount of words you don’t understand, install 2 plugins and try the tactics from the course. Put an affiliate link on your blog, buy a dozen backlinks.

It should work this time.

When that doesn’t work, you skip to the next big thing because you really don’t care about argan oils. Or remote control toys you were selling last time.

The Game of Shiny Objects: Insert Coin

What brought me to the world of online business was a set of “passive income” related keywords. It is very rare for a newbie to start the journey with keywords like “what my audience really needs”.

For the majority of people who quit before the last level is accomplished, passive income doesn’t exist and it’s a scam.

It’s a dream well abused – I get it, and if you’re ignorant about it – it compounds.

It’s a shame because with the right strategy in place and the right sequence of execution – passive income is a thing. Or at least a semi-passive one.

It took me a couple of years to finish the last level of the Shiny Objects game.

Let me show you the best way of torturing yourself.

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